Catch Potential Plumbing Problems Before They Get Worse

Learn about our affordable plumbing services in Gilbert, AZ

Most major plumbing issues don't appear without warning. They often happen as a result of minor issues building up over time. Direct Plumbing & Drain can repair those minor issues before they become costly. We offer comprehensive plumbing maintenance services in the area. We'll keep your plumbing operating smoothly year-round.

Call 480-786-8117 now to speak with a reliable plumber about our plumbing services. Sign up for a full maintenance plan at your convenience.

What's included in our plumbing maintenance plan?

What's included in our plumbing maintenance plan?

When you sign up for our plumbing maintenance services, you'll save money on future repairs. We'll send a plumber to your home on a scheduled basis to:

  • Inspect your septic system
  • Examine your water heater
  • Test your drains
  • Check for leaks
To create a custom plumbing maintenance plan with a dedicated plumber, reach out to Direct Plumbing & Drain today.